Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost Done!!!

The thing I found most interesting was the Nuclear Power topic actually. Though we didn't spend much time on it, it was a topic that I wasn't exposed to much so I enjoyed learning about it. I saw that the instructor had a hard time explaining the concept of E=mc^2, and even through all the blank stares he got from my classmates I thought he did a really good job explaining a actually very complex subject. Nuclear energy is a crazy/genius idea hasn't been really expanded on since the late 1950's, but who can tell what key it will have to our future.
I did research into the reason why it hasn't been developed more and found that the fear after WWII that extensive research might lead to wide spread nuclear weapons put such ideas to rest. On the site they say they will be able to reprocess nuclear waste into energy, if this is possible nuclear energy has less drawbacks than other energies. With this the only fear would be the use of the knowlegde to create weapons which would devistate the world, because if one country decided to use them, then we all would.

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