Monday, April 19, 2010

The Ozone Controversy

The ozone controversy? Is it really a controversy? Not to me, it seems pretty obvious that this controversy is far less of a problem than what the news, the government, or some scientist's want us to believe. I've looked at the information for both sides of the issue, and it seems to me that this whole controversy is just a simple theory that has gotten out of control. A theory that has much less proof of validation compared to reasons of its falsification. The original scientists who had started the panic about the "hole in the Ozone layer" didn't even have any facts to back what they were saying. They reported it to the government and started a panic and began to produce fact to suit their theory, instead of their theory to suit the facts.
Who are we as humans to believe that we can, in essence control nature, control the living earth. Such thoughts are foolish, the earth has been here billions of years, with drastic climate changes that we don't have any information about. Billions of years in which humans have existed for less than a tenth of. To think that we control the climate of the planet to the degree that those who say our CFC's or CO2's will cause such drastic devastation is ridiculous.

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